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Cancellation policy in human language

When you approve a quote from RDM Next, you also agree our conditions. And also with our cancellation policy. Because general terms and conditions are always a bit difficult and we would like to provide a little more context for our choices, we have decided to write out our cancellation policy in human language. We pay some extra attention to our cancellation policy regarding Covid-19.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation conditions are set out in article 15 of the general terms and conditions:

  • If you cancel at least 4-3 weeks in advance, 50% will be charged of the quoted amount.
  • If you cancel at least 2-1 weeks in advance, 75% of the quoted amount will be charged.
  • If you cancel at least 1 week in advance, 100% of the quoted amount will be charged.

In other words: If you cancel closer to your event or workshop, you are still obliged to pay for your event. Reasons for this are that suppliers and staff also have to be canceled at the last minute, and that it is more difficult to rent out the space at short notice. We often try to accommodate you a little, for example by offering a discount on your next event.

Cancellation during Covid-19

Regarding Corona, we follow the rules prescribed by the government. If an event cannot take place due to a change in the Corona Measures, the costs for renting the space will be waived. Costs charged by suppliers will be invoiced.

When events are not prohibited, the regular cancellation conditions apply. It has happened in the past that an organization decided to cancel an event before or without adjusted rules being imposed by the government. In these cases the regular cancellation conditions apply.


Date: 07/09/2022 Location: Rotterdam

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