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Team outing Rube Goldberg

During this team building workshop you and your company or team will fight for the same goal: building a chain reaction of marbles, PVC pipes and dominoes. What we add to this at RDM Next in Rotterdam are digital components such as driving robots and IoT sensors. When the chain reaction ends successfully (for example with a photo being taken, an email being sent or the champagne being uncorked), you have completed the challenge as a team.

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Team building for the whole team

You can make a Rube Goldberg machine as crazy as you want: the chain is invented by you and your colleagues. The digital components have been made accessible using visual programming and online platforms on which you can connect components together with a few mouse clicks. If you are looking for a bit more of a challenge, the participants can program themselves using Arduino. During the workshop, our facilitators are on standby to think along with you and help you. This ensures that this workshop is accessible to everyone.

Team building towards the same goal

During the workshop, your team will be divided into groups of three to five people. Each group receives components such as rope, tape, dominoes, balls, robots and sensors to create a link in the chain. Your team is successful if every link in the chain works: Only then is the champagne bottle uncorked or the team photo taken (depending on what the goal of your team is). The challenge is therefore to test properly and coordinate well with the other groups.

Teamwork makes the machine work

The Rube Goldberg machine is perfect for inquisitive teams that love a dynamic challenge. Building a Rube Goldberg machine is all about teamwork, both within your own team and between different teams. Can your team design and create a smooth chain reaction?

Teams of 5 to 60 people (or larger)

All RDM Next workshops are suitable for everyone. Because we think it is important that everyone can get to grips with new developments, we provide a practical and entertaining approach. By offering different levels of depth, we ensure that the workshops remain interesting for everyone.

The standard team building package is suitable for groups of 5 to 60 people. Do you want to come with a larger group? Please contact us. By using multiple workshops, we can jointly create a varied and challenging program for larger groups. Please contact us for more information

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The team building package

You can do the Rube Goldberg workshop as part of the team building package, or as a separate workshop.

  • Guided tour + digitization intro
  • Choice of Robot Race and Rube Goldberg
  • Including drinks
  • For groups of 5-60 people
  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours

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