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About us

Our goal: innovate better

RDM Next helps companies to innovate faster and better. Our mission is to inspire, enable and activate all levels within companies. We do this through workshops, guidance and advice. The focus is on emerging technologies (what) and on innovation methods, tools and people (how). In this way we ensure inclusion, matchmaking and development.

  • Inclusion: We want to convert fear of technology into opportunities through technology. Understanding leads to inclusion and support.
  • Development: Ideas arise from each of our workshops. We have the tools in-house to help you make the right choices.
  • Matchmaking: In other words, bringing supply and demand together. We are part of a network of companies that can assist with prototyping and further implementation.

RDM Next is the next chapter in the development of RDM Makerspace, which started in 2013. In the first five years we have been able to give dozens of start-ups a place to start their business. Nowadays we stimulate innovation by starting new initiatives and by sharing knowledge. Examples of initiatives we are part of are RAMLAB, the IoT Academy, Cyber Central, Dent and Captain AI. We convert the knowledge we gain within these initiatives into workshops and creative sessions. This way we can explain each theme in concrete terms and find tools for development within companies. We don't talk, we do!

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Your partner in events

Besides that we have our own programming The Loft has been around since the opening in 2019 available for organizing events. Partly due to Covid19, we have since become more and more of an event location. We have achieved this by online events to offer, and through collaborations with IT Campus and Port of Rotterdam for it operating the conference center and other areas. We also have more suppliers better products found, so that we are able to organize complete events – right down to printed balloons. By offering proven products and services, we relieve you of many worries and have become a partner in organizing events.

About the Loft

The Loft used to be the attic of the Rotterdam Dry Dock Company, or RDM. You used to find the RDM training center here, with lathes and students in overalls.

Our initiatives


Metal parts on demand

Captain A.I

Safe autonomous shipping


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