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Let your team achieve more results in the field of innovation. At RDM Next you can get acquainted with development methods such as Design Thinking and the Lean Startup method within a day or two. We also facilitate half-day brainstorms using the same methodologies. Do you want a fresh look at your business? Then put us to work for you in Rotterdam, at your location or online.

On this page you can choose from the different methods and processes that we offer. When you contact us, we will work with you to find what suits you best.

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Our development tracks and training

Digitization Crash Course & Creative Session

Thinking from technological developments

IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain; What do these new techniques actually entail? How do they work, and what does this mean for your company? The digital session answers all these questions within one day, so that you can immediately apply them to your own products and processes.

  • 4 hours (deep dive)
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Design thinking training and sessions

Thinking from the needs of your user

You think like a designer by putting yourself in the shoes of your user, to discover his or her dreams and thresholds. From this starting point you set up a reliable design challenge, from which you can easily come up with new ideas. Using different selection methods you arrive at one idea. In a possible follow-up session you validate this idea by prototyping and testing.

  • 8 hours (deep dive) / two days (training)
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Validation workshop (Lean Startup) and Lean Startup training

Thinking from implementation

Do you want to innovate? Then fail often, and fail fast. RDM Next's validation session ensures that you know for sure whether your idea will be a success before you have fully developed it. We do this by structurally validating or invalidating all assumptions behind your idea using the Lean Startup method. This way you ensure that you do not throw away money on development that turns out to be unnecessary.

  • 8 hours (deep dive) / two days (training)
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Co-creation session with your customer

Thinking from the perspective

Co-creation starts with your user and ends with your user. Unlike Design Thinking and the Lean Start-up method, you actively involve your user in the creation of your new product or service. This way they have a say in the development, which ensures that their preferences penetrate into the details of the development. Additional advantage: some of your users already feel ownership of the idea.

  • 4 to 8 hours
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Go through our entire development process

Every company has experienced it: new products and services that have no market relevance at all. Or new products that are not innovative at all. At RDM Next we have different approach routes. These help you come up with ideas and make the right choices.

  • Two days to a week
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Your innovation through RDM Next

Put us to work

Do you need a fresh look at your business? Or are you curious about what future technology can bring to your company? Put us to work and you will get tailor-made development.

  • Price on request
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