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Every company has experienced it: new products and services that have no market relevance at all. Or new products that are not innovative at all. At RDM Next we have different approach routes. These help you come up with ideas and make the right choices. 

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Approach routes

You develop good products and services, among other things, by carefully looking at the needs of your user. You can find these needs by talking to your user or by studying his or her behavior.

What is possible on top of that is creating together with your customer. This way you will find out a lot of details that you could never have come up with behind closed doors. A nice bonus: you immediately have a lot of ambassadors for your latest development.

In the RDM Next development sessions you roll up your sleeves together with your customer, colleagues or other end user. The starting point of each session can be different, starting with technique, a challenge, the solution or the elaboration.

From technology: Digital session

Technical developments are always one of the major driving forces behind new products and services. In the Innovation Dock we currently see the greatest opportunities in the themes related to digitalization and automation. Take for example Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Robotics and Cyber Security. In our workshops we explain in a practical and accessible way how these developments work and what they can do for you. We offer a separate workshop for each theme.

Do you want to be updated in one day? Book the digital workshop, experience the latest developments first hand and walk away with refreshing ideas.

To digital session

From the need: Design Thinking

You can also come up with new ideas very well by discovering your customer's frustrations and ambitions. You do this in the Design Thinking session at RDM Next. Using different design methods you discover the latent needs of your user. With the right opportunity or problem formulation, you can come up with new ideas in an instant. In the final step of the RDM Next Design Thinking session you arrive at one best idea using various selection methods. Are you ready for innovation?

Towards design thinking

From implementation: Validation session

If you have a new product or service in mind, you can do the RDM Next validation session. In this session you will use the lean start-up method to find out whether your idea is really a good idea. You do this by structurally validating or invalidating all assumptions behind your idea. If you find out that your idea is not good after all, we will make sure it is good. By making small changes to the target group or solution, we ensure that there is a market for every idea. And all just outside your comfort zone.

To validation session

From the elaboration: Co-creation

When you have come up with a new idea, there are still a lot of choices in details that need to be made. It is important to listen carefully to your user. Take them to RDM Next and develop together with them. Then you immediately walk out with a prototype. Results within a day!

Towards co-creation

Why we do it this way

As you can see, there are several roads that lead to Rome. They all have a different starting point, but intersect regularly. The result is always the same: innovation that meets the needs of your user. Is your company not yet prepared for the future? Book your workshop or creative session now!

Do you want to include your team in a complete development process? Contact us and we will work together to draw up a tailor-made program!

Practical information

Language: Dutch/English
Number of persons: up to 30
Start time: In consultation
Duration: from 4 hours
Lunch/drinks: Optional
Price: from €2500

About the facilitators

Jurjen Lengkeek

Co-founder RDM Next

After being active in start-up support for several years, Jurjen founded RDM Makerspace, which transformed into RDM Next in 2019. Based on previous experiences and rooted in his own projects, collaborations and companies, Jurjen supports companies in their search for innovation.

Frido Aalbers

Co-founder RDM Next

Through RDM Next and the IoT Academy, Frido has helped hundreds of companies with innovation over the past four years. In his role as head facilitator, he asks the right questions that help optimize processes and spot new opportunities. The focus is on risk-free innovation.


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What others thought of it

What an inspiring afternoon this was. RDM Next's drive and enthusiasm to contribute to developments in the fields of big data and the internet of things, among others, are fascinating.

Corine HijmissenTeacher Greijdanus college

Tonight we heard from a very enthusiastic group of participants about their visit to RDM next today! You have offered a beautiful and inspiring presentation, tour and workshop.

Saskia TreurnietExecutive Director, Global Executive OneMBA Program

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