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Innovation Experience Package: Innovation workshops in Rotterdam

The Innovation Experience Package is an inspiring team outing in which you are introduced to innovation and digitalization at RDM in Rotterdam. In this program you will experience companies involved in 3D printing, IoT, AI, drones and other new developments up close. During the workshop part you will delve deeper into the theme of Machine Learning, Internet of Things or Cyber security. The Innovation Experience Package is suitable for your entire team, even without prior knowledge.

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Components of the Innovation Experience Package

  • Guided tour + introduction to digitization
  • IoT workshop / AI (Machine Learning) workshop / Cyber security workshop
  • Including lunch or drinks
  • For groups of 5-60 people
  • Duration: from 3 hours

Guided tour and introduction to digitization

During the tour of the Innovation Dock you will become acquainted with the history of the Rotterdam Dry Dock Company and RDM Rotterdam as an innovation location. You walk among the companies that develop in a historic location in the areas of robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, drones and IoT. The intro to digitalization provides a brief update on these technologies: How do they work, why are they important, what is the current status in development and perhaps most importantly: How do you apply them yourself? At the end of the tour + intro to digitalization, you will be completely refreshed and you will see the opportunities for yourself.

The machine learning workshop & the tour of the RDM hub were very inspiring and a great addition to our company outing. The workshop provided a clear insight into the industrial revolution and a clear introduction to the practical part of the workshop. We were received very hospitably and well guided. Great job.


IoT, AI or Cyber Security workshop

The IoT introductory workshop introduces you hands-on to the sensors, networks, platforms and applications that together form the Internet of Things. During the workshop you will create your own IoT solution using a number of easily coordinated building blocks. Book this workshop to get a fun and practical introduction to IoT, or because you want to get started with IoT within your organization.

More about the IoT workshop

The introductory Artificial Intelligence workshop introduces you to the history, operation and applications of the most common forms of Artificial Intelligence today in a fun and practical way. During the workshop you will delve deeper into deep learning and Machine Vision, by classifying and detecting objects using a camera and a computer. Using various examples, you will learn to see the value of applying AI in different places and specifically for you.

More about the Machine Learning workshop

This cyber security awareness workshop will introduce you to the possible risks, measures and approaches in the field of cyber security in a fun and practical way through the boardroom game. You and your team compete for the greatest profit and the greatest trust from your customers. Are you the most successful company?


Teams of 5 to 30 people (or larger)

All RDM Next workshops are suitable for everyone. Because we think it is important that everyone can get to grips with new developments, we provide a practical and entertaining approach. By offering different levels of depth, we ensure that the workshops remain interesting for everyone.

The standard Innovation Experience Package is suitable for groups of 5 to 20 (IoT workshop and Machine Learning workshop) or 30 (Cyber Security workshop) people. Do you want to come with a larger group? Please contact us. By using multiple workshops, we can jointly create a varied and challenging program for larger groups. Please contact us for more information.

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