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Decoration and printing

It is easy to get lost on an area as large as the RDM. With the printed logos and colors of your event, you can dress your event to perfection. And you immediately show your guests the way.

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Helium balloons

  • Available in bunches of 6
  • From ten bunches
  • Choice of printed and unprinted
  • With weight

Signage posters

  • In your colors, with your logo
  • A0 format in sidewalk signs
  • Available from 3 posters
  • Prepared for your event

Hanging banners

  • Four canvases that fit well with the space
  • Translucent flag cloth
  • Custom made design(s).
  • Hung up for your event


Are you interested in one of our printing solutions? Then select the decoration and printing option when making your reservation.
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