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10 Surprising gift tips for your visit

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Are you looking for a nice gift to surprise your team or visitors to your event? Look no further, because we have 10 great gift ideas for you!
1. DE LOFT – RDM Next art print

Take a piece of De Loft home with us RDM Next art prints!

Are you looking for a special and unique gift that fits perfectly with your event in our beautiful Loft? Then we have the solution: our RDM Next art prints! These prints are not just any random image, but a screen print from our own Loft. With these art prints you give your visitors the opportunity to take a piece of De Loft home with them. And best of all, they come in three different colors – gray/red and blue/orange and purple – so you can always choose a color to match.

The original screen prints are a bit expensive and are suitable as a gift for a speaker or organizer. Would you like to give your visitors a little something to remember their visit to the Loft? We also have postcards, dried flowers and hot sauce with the same print!

2. Cookies from Koekela

Do you want to surprise the visitors of your event with some good and tasty cookies?

With the delicious cookies from Koekela you can now give a unique gift in the form of the small assortment box. This box contains a selection of Koekela's most popular bars, packaged in a nice box that is perfect for gift giving. In this box you will find 2 different brownies, 1 blondie, 1 magic cookie bar, 1 granola bar and a pecan caramel slice. All these bars are home- and handmade with high-quality ingredients and 100% quality, so you are assured of the tastiest flavors.

3. Cape beer

Surprise your visitors/colleagues with a gift pack of Kaapse beer!

Cape Brewers is a Rotterdam craft beer brewery known for its unique and experimental beers. What makes their beers look fun and unique is the creative and colorful labels they use to decorate their bottles. These labels have been designed by different artists and illustrators, giving each beer its own character and appearance. The labels often contain images of animals, plants, landscapes and other iconic Rotterdam elements, making the beers not only delicious to drink, but also real works of art to look at. This makes Kaapse Brouwers not only popular with beer lovers, but also with people interested in art and design.

4. Socks

Get on board in style with the Watertaxi socks!

Looking for a top gift that suits our Rotterdam quay location? Look no further, because these Water Taxi socks are the real deal! These cool socks are unisex, so perfect for both men and women. And they are not only hip, but also give a cool image of Rotterdam. So do you want to take your gift game to the next level? Then these socks are a real must-have!

5. Tea/Coffee and chocolate from Evermore!

Treat your colleagues and visitors to the delicious tea, coffee and chocolate from Evermore! As a family business, they ensure that only the very best products are selected, packaged and shipped with lots of love and dedication. What makes Evermore so special is that they only select loose tea and single origin coffee beans from one cooperative or even one coffee garden, so that the unique taste of each variety is preserved. Forget blends, because Evermore is all about quality! They work with local producers to strengthen the base of their products. This results in an endless source of inspiration and great flavors. Taste the superior quality and tasty chocolate for yourself, made using traditional methods. Give yourself and others a treat that you know has been made with the utmost care and attention!

6. Notebooks from Correctbook

The Correctbook is a reusable notebook that provides a sustainable alternative to paper notebooks and helps combat illiteracy in developing countries. For every book sold, one erasable notebook is donated to children in need, giving them access to writing materials and education. The book is made of specially coated paper and can be reused again and again. It is available in various sizes, designs and accessories, and can even be customized with your company logo. It is not only practical, but also a nice gift to give to colleagues during a team outing and offers the opportunity to keep track of ideas and notes in an environmentally friendly way, while at the same time contributing to a better world.

7. Reusable drinking cups from KeepCup

Get rid of those boring disposable coffee cups! Put a smile on the faces of your colleagues and visitors with a trendy and eco-friendly one coffee cup from KeepCup. This brand is on a mission to change the world by reducing the use of disposable coffee cups with their stylish, practical and sustainable alternative. The KeepCup cups are available in different sizes and colours, made from BPA-free plastic, glass or stainless steel and designed to be easy to clean – they can even go in the dishwasher!

In addition, KeepCup is certified by B Corporation, which means that the brand meets the highest standards in terms of social and environmental impact, corporate responsibility and transparency. Reduce your ecological footprint and choose a KeepCup!

8. KRNWTR+ Water Bottle
The KRNWTR water bottle is a durable water bottle that you can refill again and again. It is made of glass and has a capacity of 800 ml. The use of glass makes the bottle durable and easy to clean. In addition, the bottle does not contain harmful substances, such as BPA and plasticizers, making it safe to drink from.

A major advantage of the KRNWTR water bottle is that it contributes to reducing plastic waste. By using a reusable water bottle you no longer have to buy plastic bottles, which contributes to a better environment.

The KRNWTR water bottle is available in different colors and has a handy carrying strap, making it easy to take with you. It is a practical and durable water bottle that is perfect for the office, during sports or on the go.

9. Rotterzwam gift package

Are you looking for a special gift for a real Rotterdam foodie? Then the Rotterzwam gift package is really something for you! This package was put together by the Rotterdam company Rotterzwam, which focuses on growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds and thus contributes to a sustainable and circular economy.

With this gift package you can grow oyster mushrooms yourself with the Rotterzwam grow kit. The Rotterzwam gift package In addition to the grow kit, it also contains herbal tea from the Rotterdam Mint, a can of traditionally ground gingerbread spices, a bag of Giraffe coffee beans 'roasted in Rotterdam' and a circular coffee soap from Kusala. All sustainable and local products from Rotterdam entrepreneurs who contribute to a better world. Give this unique gift to your colleagues during a team outing and introduce them to Rotterdam's circular economy!

10. Candles from Brandt

Burns Candles is a Rotterdam company founded in 2015. The goal is to combine sustainability, quality and design in handmade candles. The Brandt Kaarsen range is extensive and includes various types of candles, from rustic candles to wonderfully scented candles and cozy tea lights. What makes these candles so special is that they are made from sustainable materials such as soy wax, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin wax. The candles have cotton wicks and are packaged in recyclable materials. In addition to sustainability and design, Brandt Kaarsen attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility.

In short, with Brandt Kaarsen you not only get attractive and stylish candles in your home, but you also contribute to a better environment and a more sustainable future. A gift that will make both you and the recipient happy!

Would you like us to think about a gift for your speakers and guests? Please indicate this when making your reservation and we will do everything we can for you!
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